The Cold Decade

John and I saw in the New Year from the rooftop of the Haveli. The rest of the crew stayed late to enjoy the RickshawRun party madness. We made another campfire on the roof and watched the stars get knocked out by the fireworks. A pretty cool place to end the decade it has to be said. Sometimes the internet pays back, as I was able to connect live (or near live) with the people I love that are now so far away.

After what felt like a cold morning in a meat locker, we spent the rest of a hazy crazy day on the Rickshaw Run lot pimping out the rides. We “attached” all the extended luxury rolling travel items we’d spent 24 hours collecting. We attached bottle holders and seat covers, and stuck foam to the bars and casings of the ride. With maybe two full days of cold northern road to cover before we get far enough south of the cold front, we had drop sides made to keep out whatever cheap India foe-leather can handle. Pimped out or puckered up, we all then headed out onto the roads of India for the test ride and appertiser before the main course starts tomorrow. Are we really ready? Maybe. Are we going regardless? Absolutely.