The Road

Our journey began more than 4 days ago and I’ve not had a chance to think. The relative tranquility of our ride setup pre days, soon turned into the reality of the road. We set off from Jaiselmer and made good speed to Jodphur on solid roads. The mayor roadways are often smooth and fast and we made good time. The rolling thunder of the road in India is pretty wild from the seat of a Rickshaw. The noise, the smells, the people – we must have met (and I mean met, so introduced, conversation, goodbye) at least 20 people while they rode their moto bikes along side us.

Having a bike pull along side for a chat and a selfie while driving with one hand is common and unavoidable when you’re in an open-sided ride. We become “friends” as they weave skillfully along squashed between us and the oblivion of potholes, dust and dead things that is the near curbside of a major road.

Yesterday (day 3) we broke down 3 times.

Identity Attack Vectors

Our book on Identity Attack vectors is finally in print at Apress and available from Amazon here. It was fun writing this with Morey – his third book in a series. I’m glad he asked me to join him on the book, it turned out to be a really fun project and overall experience. If you know Morey, he’s a pleasure to work with and super smart guy, so I had it easy!

The book covers where and how Identity management technology (and more specifically Identity Governance and Privileged Account Management) are an attack point AND how this key security technology can be used as a significant point in prevention, detection and mitigation of attack. Chapter 7 covers a pretty decent breakdown on the Identity Governance process. It covers what IGA is and how best to approach it – soup to nuts.

We’re doing a book release webinar on February 4th and a book signing event during RSA on Thursday 27th at the Thirsty Bear at noon in San Fransisco. I’ll re-post a link for the signing event as soon as I have it.

Rickshaw Run 2020

Imagine yourself and 4 friends in two single donkey powered rolling tin cans, desperately trying to traverse India…

Well, I’ve committed to help drive two auto rickshaws across the Indian sub-continent from Jaisalmer in the far north to Kochi is the far south. This unsupported run of over 2,600 kms must be completed within 14 days. There is no set route, no back-up and no way of knowing if we’re going to make it. The only certainty is we will get lost, we will get stuck and we probably will break down!

At the time, this seemed like a sensible way to raise funds and awareness for Athletics for Kids and Cool Earth – now I’m not so sure ☺  But thanks to SailPoint and our other corporate sponsors, we are well on our way to meeting our fund-raising goals, so we’re going for it!  You can help, by contributing to the cause or by simply following along here or on the SailPoint blog page – I’ll be sending in regular updates as we traverse the country.

There’s a PDF flyer with the proposed journey and information on our selected benefiting charities available here and (giving links below).  If you’re based at the SailPoint Pune office, we’re planning to stop by – hopefully Wednesday the 8th of January – fingers crossed we make it on time and stay on three (yes that’s three) wheels!

Cool Earth –

Athletics for Kids: